Monday, March 02, 2009


Guests were a great part of Big Gray's history. Sleepover or not, the presence of guests meant instant parties. That tradition continues at my little apartment in Queens. Yesterday, my wife and I entertained a certain Sam who came suffering guilt about not being there with his loving wife. Wifey and I put him right at ease and we had a very nice time and a great lunch. I love cooking for people, as most readers know. But being a private chef has made me really refine my technique. So I experimented on Mr. B. Made us spinach that I added to a pan of garlic, shitake mushrooms and boiled diced potatoes. I added a few beans and a little bow tie pasta and Shazam! Dessert later was World's Fair, Belgium Waffles! Who remembers them? Made them with organic strawberries I mulled in a little confectioner's sugar. Kitchen's open most Sunday afternoons.