Friday, July 02, 2010

Italian communal living

Every so often, I run across stories that interest me of other people's attempts at communal living. Knowing what is entailed, I approach such tales with my own imagination filling in details often left out by biographers. When I came across this story of a farm/vineyard in a place just outside of Florence Italy,  I was immediately captivated by the story of its founder, and equally entranced by the vision in my head of how this place in glorious Tuscany must look. I can tell you that Florence was the first city in Europe that totally won me over. It's enchanting streets, the charm and grace of its residents and its cosmopolitan lifestyle filled me with a yearning that I can still conjure. Had I discovered this farm just miles away from the heart of the city, I might have tried to marry into one of the families that inhabit the place. Read the story here and see if it doesn't charm you and leave you wistful about the thought of what it must be like to live there.