Thursday, July 06, 2006

Have you ever been to a Big Gray party?

Parties at Big Gray were a happening. Some of our parties, like our annual anniversary party drew hundreds of people invited and otherwise. Musicians were often at the house and played with the band or took part in one of our Drum Ceremonies. Halloween was well, Halloween,and Thanksgiving and Christmas were memorable times for great food and good friends.We also had many other great moments. Perhaps you attended the "Sending of the Soul" ceremony we held when Haikila died, or John Lennon's Wake, or on a happier note, The Wedding of Michael and Barbara. House guests (there were dozens) were reason for many spontaneous parties as well.

I once was speaking on the phone with someone from the business office of the telephone company. We were moving a phone from one room in the house to the "office". I found it necessary to explain that we were a private house, that we were not a single family, but shared rent and expenses among us. Unexpectedly, the operator I was speaking to interrupted me.
"Wait!", she said." I think I was at a party at that house!"
She was just one of the many whose names I never learned- who came to a party with a friend and who had a memorable time in that great old house in Brooklyn.

If you were one of the hundreds who attended a Big Gray event, we would love to hear from you. Please, leave your comments and share your recollections.


Sunshine said...

Yes, I attended a party at Big Gray and was much too young to actually enjoy and honor the spirit of the place. I was just a littel hippie girl wiht her girlfriend searching for what I really don't know. I remeber the round room upstairs and the mirrors in the room when you walked in the house. I actually remeber it like it was yesterday. Conversations on the stairs. Joey A and Patti O. I believe there may have been a little smoke party up on in the round room with Sacaletti (Spelling). Oophs should i say that. That is the party i can recall. Not sure if I ever atteneded another. Must have been around 81-83. Guess who?

M. Sourdough said...

I was at a BG party . . . I had been told by oldtimey BGers how wild it could be, how 'lucky' they'd been sometimes and other tales of romantic adventure . . . well, nothing like that happened but I did find myself in a Power Ceremony in the attic, making large hand shadows in the back garden, dancing feverishly, ending, as usual, with extended tea and bullshit in the kitchen at some late hour.