Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Further Developments

Apparently, the "Che message" has infiltrated down. One of those who resonated with the core idea of my message "If you're going to partake in the park which we all know is illegal, then be impeccable about it" hung up a plastic garbage bag at the log. Four days later, yet another bag was in its place. Today, I will visit the park at 3:00. I will leave the sacred Dream Catcher icon in thanks and be prepared for contact with members of this other tribe.

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Joe Ambrosino said...

Still no contact with the kids who smoke at the "painted tree". Over the past two weeks, I've noticed that some are using the trash bag that was left at the site, However, I have also seen the bag on the ground and the contents scattered in what looks like a deliberate manner. Can it be there are two factions created by my challenge? I must proceed with caution until I have actual conformation from one or more of the "Painted Tree Tribe".